3 Things we learned from the 3rd Global Math Challenge

What country came out on top?

China has the most mathletes

China saw the most entrants, with Japan coming in a close second. The USA, India, the UK and Malaysia also saw a large number of math fans joining in.  Mexico also stood out with some excellent scores.

Japan and the USA lead the way

Global math challenge statistics

Japan had the highest overall scores, followed by the USA. India, Malaysia and China had strong showings too. Team USA came out with the top scores in this year’s math olympiad, so it’s not unexpected to see such a strong showing in this contest.

In the USA, the south came out on top – Texas lead the way with the Sunshine state, Florida, coming in a close second.

Quinquagenarians really flexed their mental muscles in this edition of Global Math Challenge with an incredible average score of 797. Many of our younger challengers are still finding their way with the puzzles but are sure to show our veteran math lovers what they’re made of in the next contest.

With different languages come different thinking processes

Thinking strategies

The Global Math Challenge Thinking Strategies can give you a great idea of what logical approach you may have taken when solving a puzzle.

English language challengers tended to be quick and decisive, initially at least. Looking at the facts presented, then making their answers. They weren’t stubborn though – after completing the puzzles the first time round, they often checked and revised their answers before completing the contest.

Chinese language challengers had a well balanced, committed approach. Trying out lots of different potential answers before selecting their answer and sticking with it.

Challengers taking part in Japanese had a slow but steady approach – not necessarily coming up with any out of the box ideas, but checking step by step what might lead them to the correct answer.

With the 4th edition of Global Math Challenge coming up this November, what changes can we expect to see? Will Japan continue to hold the crown of top scoring challengers? Will teenagers overthrow their older aged rivals? Join in and be a part of it!