Get Ahead in Global Math Challenge

Advice from the GMC puzzle masters

Check out the 4 tips below to get ahead in the next edition of Global Math Challenge

1. Getting the correct answer is the first step to your success


Always start on a strong footing. Did you clearly understand the question? Always be sure to read through the question and your answer, just in case you made a slip up somewhere along the way. This can help you knock out small mistakes and boost your final score.

2. Don’t hang around!

average time

Work on the questions as quickly as you can. If you finish the questions speedily, you can gain some extra points. Slick reading & comprehension skills will let you grasp the problems more quickly. Also, try to find some time to practice solving GMC questions before the contest, and train yourself to speed up.

3. Tough questions give extra points

question difficulty chart harder questions mean more points

If you have ever taken part in the GMC contest, you should know that some puzzles can really puzzle you. The good news is that high level questions count for higher points, so make sure you don’t miss the chance. Challenge yourself and try solving tricky questions. Don’t give up – make your best effort until time runs out.

4. Keep improving your skills


After the challenge, you will be able to check your Global Ranking alongside a detailed answer analysis. Use this information to find your strengths & weaknesses to focus your mental muscle training and prepare for the next Global Math Challenge.
*The test analysis is only available for challengers registered for the Standard Plan.

Got all the tips? Keeping these tips in mind, why don’t you try some of our Mini Math Challenges to practice for the coming Global Math Challenge?
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