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From today math lovers from across the world can register for the 4th edition of Global Math Challenge, taking place this November.  Join over 170,000 challengers from every corner of the globe in this fun test of logical thinking. Simply sign up at and visit My Page to get started.  If you’re taking part in the Home edition, up to 4 people can register for free all under one account.  Why not join in with your family or friends and find out who has the mightiest math mind?

If you’re joining in with the School edition, you can register your students in seconds using Google Classroom or Edmodo.  In the build up to the event in November try some sample questions to get ready and then see how your class stands up compared to math fans from right across the globe.

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Upgrade your account to get a deeper insight into your logical thinking approach.  Upgrading to the Standard Plan applies to all Challengers under one account so up to four people can enjoy all the features of the plan, including:

  • Detailed answer analysis to help you push your skills to the next level
  • In-depth, step-by-step illustrated explanations for each and every puzzle
  • The GMC Workbook, packed full of puzzles from previous contests

Warm up with this Mini Math Challenge

Discover a fresh brainteaser each and every week in the run-up to the contest on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  How quickly can you solve this one?

Mini Math Challenge big family

A Big Family Puzzle

There are 5 children in Mr. Campbell’s family. He’s having some trouble remembering who the youngest child is…

Um….Seymour is older than Miranda and Franny is older than Toni. We have two kids between Austin and Miranda. Toni is in the middle.
….don’t call me a bad father, I just have a terrible memory!

Who is the youngest among the Campbells, Seymour, Miranda, Toni, Franny or Austin?

Did you work it out?  Check your answer here.

Enjoy many more puzzles just like this in the 4th edition of Global Math Challenge. Sign up today and Meet the World Through Math.