Global Math Challenge 4 by the numbers

Did Japan hold onto the top spot?

Over 90,000 math lovers from across the world joined in the latest Global Math Challenge last month. We were delighted to welcome more entries than ever before. While Global Math Challenge is all about having fun at the same time as exercising your mind, it’s always interesting to have a peek at the world rankings. Did Japan stay at the top of the rankings, or did China or the USA take the crown? Let’s find out!

What country came out on top?

Japan held onto the top spot in the country rankings, with China coming in close in second place, pushing India into 3rd. The USA still made a strong showing but dropped down to 5th in our global math rankings.

Challengers entering the all-ages ‘Open’ contest saw those in their 30’s claim the top prize – maybe tricenarians have the perfect blend of youth & experience…

Taking a deep dive into results from the United States, Michigan saw the best performers with an outstanding average of 750 points, closely followed by Wisconsin and Nevada. Last year’s top state, Texas, just missed out on a place in the top five.


Global Thinking Strategies

Our 5 Thinking Strategies aim to show what though processes people use when they take on puzzles and logical problems. With the last edition we saw three distinct different approaches from challengers taking part in Chinese, English and Japanese. However, this time around we found that challengers took a more uniform approach:

Thinking Strategies

Chinese challengers tended to take a little more of a creative approach, coming up with inventive ideas before confirming they were right. Those taking part in English and Japanese took a more cautious route; trying answers, then circling back to change before making a final decision. What strategies do you take when you take on a puzzle? Find out your thinking style by taking our Math Mind Quiz.

A huge thank you to everyone that took part in the 4th edition of Global Math Challenge. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back for the 5th edition in 2017 – sign up to our newsletter below to keep up to date with all the latest news.