Global Math Challenge for Schools

The Contest for Creative Thinking

Global Math Challenge was established in 2014, with the school edition opening in 2015. Since then we’ve been delighted to welcome thousands of students from across the world, from London to Lagos, San Francisco to Siberia.

Global Math Challenge is of course more than a contest – it’s a celebration of creative mathematical thinking. Students don’t just get to test their logical thinking skills, they can also discover all new approaches to problem-solving with the Global Math Challenge Review and Analysis.

The Instituto Altum recently took part in the Challenge for the third time, entering over 90 students from elementary to high school level. We talked to Jesús Reynaga from the school about their experience with the contest:

We at Instituto Altum take a strong focus so that science, technology are promoted right from the elementary levels of education. In the case of math, we provide a more practical approach where students learn to solve real-world problems that they can then apply to their everyday lives.

Students from Instuto Altum

Junior High students from Instituto Altum taking part in Global Math Challenge 4.

We want our students to use their math skills for the practical aspects of their daily lives, to invent new equipment or to improve those that already exist. In addition to improving their quality of life, we want them to use their skills to help them improve the
society in which they live in.

For math teachers here, this contest was an excellent opportunity to check the performance of their
students – the Global Math Challenge platform
statistics are very detailed, showing the approach students took to solve each problem.

The next edition of the contest will be taking place in November, 2017. The Sony Global Education team are already hard at work creating whole new sets of mind-bending puzzles that will delight logic puzzle lovers around the world.

With Google Classroom and Edmodo integration built in, you can sign up your class or school in just a few clicks.

Register your school today, try some free sample puzzles and get ready to meet the world through math.