Sony Global Education to Host the 5th Global Math Challenge

Begins trial of new blockchain empowered results display system

Tokyo, Japan – Sony Global Education (President: Masaaki Isozu) is announcing that it will host the 5th iteration of Global Math Challenge from December 1 to 10. Math lovers of all ages can participate in this online math competition anywhere around the globe through a computer or tablet. The competition enables participants to engage their true mathematical creativity and test their skills against other math fans worldwide. For more information on Global Math Challenge, please visit

Global Math Challenge has previously been held four times worldwide, available online simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese. It has been supervised by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, an organization with a strong track record in math contests for children, and the test questions have been devised in collaboration with the Hanamaru Group, which is recognized for its excellence in developing questions that nurture creative thinking. Global Math Challenge has seen over 250,000 participants since its inception.

Beginning this year, the contest will utilize a blockchain empowered learning history management system and try out a service for issuing test results digitally. The system is still in the prototype stage and will be soliciting general feedback on potential improvements as it moves towards official implementation.

Additionally, from this 5th Challenge onwards, The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching & Learning (Massachusetts State, an institution with a proven history of training educators, has been brought onboard as a co-sponsor. They are putting together a system that will enable educational institutions from elementary school to high school to take part in the Challenge. 1,750 U.S. institutions carrying out pioneering math education have already registered for GMC for Schools, and preparations are underway for them to participate in the Challenge.

Global Math Challenge will be offered in 5 different courses of difficulty to best suit the education level of test takers, from up to 6 to 12 and over level. As grades in each course rise, the questions automatically increase in difficulty, allowing participants to select the course that is most appropriate for their grade or level. GMC for Home can register up to four participants per account, allowing the entire family to solve Math Puzzles together and enjoy the thrill of competing.

Global Math Challenge is one of Sony Global Education’s initiatives through which it strives to enhance literacy in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields among people of all ages. Going forward, Sony Global Education will hold this competition at set intervals in order to reach more schools, organizations, and individuals in more countries across the globe, and to contribute to the world of education on a global scale.

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