Global Math Challenge 5 by the numbers

How did the global mathletes perform?

Thank you again for those who participated in the 5th Global Math Challenge at the end of 2017.
Since the very first round of Global Math Challenge which took place in 2014, we have welcomed thousands of challengers from different parts of the world to the contest, not only to enjoy math but also to think and twist their minds to rank top in the contest – Yes, although the rankings do not always tell how hard we tried, it’s fun, interesting, and sometimes encouraging to see where we stand among other challengers based on the scores.
Let’s take a look at the results of the 5th edition by country, course, age and other categories and find out how they performed!

Number of participants

Thanks to everyone, the overall number of challengers of the contest has risen up to 280,000 with this latest edition. We were also delighted to have 21,500 schools joining in along with the ‘Home’ users.
What we did not expect was that nearly 40% of the challengers have chosen the ‘Master’ course, which featured the most challenging set of questions. How well do you think these participants performed? We’ll have a peek at the score rankings later.

Compared to the previous editions, lots of participants from the UAE have registered to the contest, which was another surprising (and good) news for us.

Score ranking by country & age

Japan, China, and India have always been around the top in the world score ranking for the past editions, and here they are again! The USA and the UAE are also coming very close to India. It will be exciting to see how they run a close race in the next round too.

Congratulations to the participants in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s who ranked in the top 3. Seeing other ages coming close to them, the age ranking may change drastically in the next challenge, so hang in there!
In the last edition, challengers under teenage struggled to score high, whereas this year, they came in much closer to the scores of other age range – great work!

Score ranking by course & USA states

Convincing or not? The ranking by course shows that the score gets lower as the course gets harder. If you really want to challenge yourself, ‘Master’ is definitely the choice.
Congratulations to the Beginner and Essential course takers!

Looking into the top performing states in the USA, South Carolina made it to the top, followed by Alabama, and West Virginia.

Global Thinking Strategies

The puzzles provided in Global Math Challenge can sometimes be hard to answer straight away. How did the participants manage to break through tricky questions?

In Global Math Challenge, we classify the types of ‘thinking strategies’ into 5 different categories. You can find about the 5 Thinking Strategies here.
To be flexible in problem-solving, it’s important to maintain a balanced pentagon that consists of these 5 thinking strategies of Step, Reverse, Create, Knock, and Scan.
This time, the participants taking part in English, Japanese, and Chinese turned out to form almost a perfect pentagon, meaning that they used each approach evenly.
If you haven’t found out your thinking style, try out the Math Mind Quiz and find out how you approach problems.

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part in the 5th Global Math Challenge.
We are excited to have you all back in the next edition.
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