That Creates the Future
300 Years Ahead

Providing people with diverse values and creative learning

Sony Global Education believes that "individuality" and "diversity" are the highest priority for the education of the new era, where humans and machines coexist. We define the goal of education as "creating the future".

Each and every person can get excited about the future and live their own life while having different values — to develop such human resources and society, we expand our products and services that provide creative learning.

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"We know how you feel" is how we begin

The increasing use of the words like "developing diverse human resources" or "recurrent education" shows that more and more people are willing to be someone, do something, or change themselves. However, new challenges come with anxiety and occasional failure. You may be able to solve some of the problems on your own, but having a supporter can help you reduce these problems.

Sony Global Education is committed to supporting people who are eager to take on new challenges, by providing solutions based on technology and creativity with Sony Group companies.

We begin our mission by being there for our customers saying "we know how you feel".

Naoki Kato
Chairperson of the Board
Sony Global Education, Inc.